What is structural design and Analysis?

Structural design and analysis includes, but not limited to, structural steel design, wood design, concrete design including concrete foundation design. It involves the engineering procedures and structural design calculations necessary to select the materials and to provide the sizes and specifications of all structural elements. This includes, but not limited to: foundation, walls, columns, slabs, roof trusses, and connectors. Whether these elements are wood, steel, aluminum, concrete construction, or composite, Universal Engineering has the structural design engineers to provide cost effective structural design solutions no matter how small or complex the job is.

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Structural design services include (view some of our past projects)

  • Concrete structures design and concrete foundation design for buildings, water tanks, retaining walls, seawalls, etc.
  • Concrete Block System Design (Masonry Design).
  • Structural steel design for plate girder, truss girder, posts, connections, etc.
  • Aluminum design
  • Wood frame design and analysis
  • Design for deteriorated structures
  • Composite structure design
  • Wind calculations including uplift and shear force analysis.
  • Roofing enhanced nailing calculations
  • Structures without product approvals including: doors & windows, Railings, Signs, light poles, etc.
  • Pre-stressed structures design

At Universal Engineering , our team of structural design engineers is well-versed with structural theories, structural standards, and Florida Building Code. Our Structural design services follow a strict 3 step design procedures:-

  • Conceptual phase: The identification of the layout of structural elements (beams, columns, truss girders, etc) with the most efficient load path from roof to foundation.
  • Analysis phase: The calculations needed to determine the stresses on the each structural element given the applied load on building.
  • Design phase:- The process of determining the size and specifications of each structural elements and each connections given the stresses calculated above.
Opened laptop and stack of project drawings. Rolled papers. Working place. White screen
Opened laptop and stack of project drawings. Rolled papers. Working place. White screen

In addition to manual and spreadsheet calculations, our structural engineering professionals use leading-edge software technologies such as Revit , STAAD, Digital Canal , and AUTOCAD that are the standard for engineering, construction, industrial and civil works. All design and analysis results are subject to strict quality assurance and quality control. We strive to maintain core strength competitiveness among the staff to align the firm’s capabilitieswith the client’s following key benefits.

  • Strict and sound design procedures.
  • Advanced expertise in structural mechanics, analysis, and design.
  • Innovative minds to meet all structural needs of the designer’s imaginations.
  • Superb quantitative and programming skills.
  • Up-to-date knowledge with codes and software technology.
  • Pursuit of strict quality assurance and quality control.
  • Solid commitment towards detailed design and support until issuance of permit.

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