Safe rooms are also known as storm safe rooms, tornado safe rooms or hurricane shelter.  A safe room is a secure place during hurricane or storm events.  A safe room is a self sustained standalone space within a residential or commercial structure in Hurricane prone zones designed to shield people and valuables during hurricane and/or tornado events.  We follow strict guidelines in designing a safe room.  We design these units to support 250 mph wind where all structural components (foundation, walls, doors and roof) must safely withstand the peak wind force within acceptable deflection. Such units are designed to withstand flying debris at 100 mph.  The safe room must be equipped with a ventilation system.

A large tornado working its way across fields.

While the design of a 250+ mph wind rated structure can be straight forward in new structures without unusual architectural or functional requirements; in home additions this design can be a challenge due to certain constraints such as existing structural conditions, noncompliance with Florida Building Code Product Approval and special architectural constraints.  At Universal Engineering, we employ our experience in structural engineering especially in steel structures and concrete structures , and if necessary our architectural resources, to address these constraints and provide cost effective solutions for a hurricane proof spot in new and existing structures.

At Universal Engineering, we recognize the importance of a hurricane shelter especially within coastal structures where wind force exposure is the highest. We strive to utilize the company’s capabilities to provide cost effective safe room and tornado safe room by maximizing the following client’s key benefits.

  • Our partnership with Supranos System provides our clients a one stop shop for all-concrete structures.
  • in house knowledge and experience with safe room as prescribed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
  • Excellent analytical, quantitative, and reporting skills.
  • Bottom line cost effective solutions on time and at budget.
  • Prompt and effective staff accessibility.

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