Structural steel design is one of the structural engineering services offered at Universal Engineering. Whether it is a steel beam or a steel post in a concrete building, a complex steel truss system, or a multistory steel structure, Universal Engineering has the capabilities to provide sound cost effective structural steel design solution.

steel construction for a commercial building; edmonton, alberta, canada

At Universal Engineering, we offer structural steel design services for all steel building elements such as posts, beams, bracing, and floor and roof panels. Our structural steel design uses one, two, and three dimensional modeling techniques (check our structural design and analysis page). We follow strict design procedures including documentation of calculations. Once calculations are completed, permit drawings are produced, followed by shop drawings ready for production. We offer construction administration and building inspection during production and installation to assure a smooth speedy completion.

All structural steel design tasks are subject to strict value engineering system by the chief engineer to assure not only a safe structure but also to assure functional and cost effective steel building plans. We make all efforts to maintain abilities among the staff to align the firm’s capabilities with the following client’s key benefits .

  • Sound procedures performed by certified and experienced professionals and supported by technical personnel
  • Up-to-date knowledge of software technology, the latest edition of the American Institute of Steel Construction Manual, and the Florida Building Code.
  • Pursuit of well-established inspection procedures.

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