Concrete slab (floor and roof) and wall design

Concrete design is a specialty of Universal Engineering. We bring extensive knowledge and many years of experience in steel and reinforced concrete structures to every project. We specialize in 200+ mph wind all concrete shell structure design and concrete construction. We are business partners to SUPRANOS Systems where we designed over 10 million square feet of precast and prestressed concrete slabs. Also, we provide specialty engineering for QUICK WALL and on site tilt up walls.
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At Universal Engineering, a structural engineer can offer design services for all building elements such as concrete footing, precast slab system, prestressed slab system (pre-tensioned or post-tensioned), soffit beams, steel girders, steel posts, precast and tilt up walls.  Our design uses one, two, and three dimensional modeling techniques Check our structural design and analysis page .  In addition to design services we provide concrete crack repair services.  We follow strict procedures including documentation of structural design calculations. Once calculations are completed, permit drawings are produced, followed by shop drawings ready for production at the plant (or on site). We, then, offer concrete construction administration and specialty inspection during production and installation to assure a smooth, speedy completion.

We strive to maintain core strength competitiveness among our staff to align the firm’s capabilities with the following client’s At Universal Engineering key benefits.

  • Advanced expertise in Concrete foundation design and restoration
  • Advanced expertise in structural mechanics, analysis, and design.
  • Advanced knowledge of concrete construction.
  • Up-to-date software technology, American Concrete Institute manuals, and Concrete Building code.
  • Well documented design calculations.
  • Bottom line cost effective solutions at time and on budget.
  • Prompt and effective staff accessibility.

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