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When do you need to submit a structural calculation report as part of your permit package?
Building departments in Broward and Miami Dade counties typically require the owner/builder to submit structural design calculations report as part of the permit package. Whether it is a new structure, addition, or alteration, Universal Engineering has the expertise to prepare, document, and submit all required structural engineering calculations for wood, steel and concrete construction. We support the structural calculations until the permit is issued.

View a sample house calculation report.

All building departments require structural calculation reports to be submitted when the products/elements prescribed by the designer do not have a formal state approval (aka Product Approval or Notice of Acceptance). Examples are: a custom designed front door, a special stair railing, a nonstandard commercial sign, etc. Universal Engineering has the capabilities to prepare calculation reports that will be used in lieu of the state approval.
View a sample calculation report of a guardrail.

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Buildings with flat roofs, albeit having a product approval, requires the submission of additional wind load calculations for the roof fasteners around the building perimeter edges and corners. Universal Engineering has extensive experience preparing Roofing Application Standards (e.g., 117, 127, 128, etc.) including all required roof wind load analysis to complete all requirements for wind design for buildings.
View a sample enhanced fastener calculation report.

Structural calculations are critical to provide cost effective building element specifications especially in structural steel design. Improper, or no, calculations can result in either underdesigned structure increasing the risk of failure; or overdesigned structure resulting in unnecessary construction costs. We are committed to cost effective solutions through sound engineering calculations and solid knowledge of Florida and Local building codes.


Structural calculations are critical in forensic engineering and project disputes. Deep knowledge of structural theories is important to provide the client with a full breadth of calculation possibilities, enhancing the client’s position and maximizing the client’s benefits. At Universal Engineering, we put the engineering science on your side.

At Universal Engineering, depending on the nature of the job, we employ the proper wind load calculation techniques ranging from back of envelope calculation to advanced finite element three dimensional analysis. Our reports have earned a solid reputation among the building department examiners.

The Chief Structural Engineer of Universal Engineering provides his personal attention towards sound and accurate structural design calculations to assure functional and cost effective solutions. Recognizing the sensitive nature of performing structural engineering calculations, he strives to maintain core strength competitiveness and creativity among his staff to align the firm’s capabilities with the following client’s key benefits.

  • Advanced expertise in the theory and applications of structural mechanics, analysis, and design.
  • Superb quantitative and programming skills.
  • Up to date knowledge with software technology.
  • Pursuit of strict quality assurance and quality control.
  • Solid commitment towards detailed reports and support until issuance of permit.

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