Structural Alterations

(or building alteration) is the process of adding, removing, and or relocating bearing elements resulting in altering the way the load is supported by building foundation while maintaining the same overall building integrity. Structural Engineers at Universal are leading experts in structural alteration. (View some of the past projects)

Closeup of mason's hand spreading concrete mix with trowel in foundation shuttering

Structural Repair

Concrete mix spread

is the process of restoring a deficient bearing element (footing, column, beam, wall, roof, .etc.) to at least its original strength and maintaining the same overall building integrity.  Common repairs are concrete crack repair, roof repairs, seawall repair and foundation crack repair.  We leverage our structural engineering science and pragmatic experience to provide outside the box solutions for all structural repairs.

Typical Remedy techniques

  • Cracked, spalled, or broken concrete:  This concrete crack repair starts by cutting the spalled area or just cleaning joints and honeycombed areas from debris. Inject epoxy to fill and bond the joints.
  • Rebar repair or replacement: Clean and prime existing rebar or replace if significant section loss has occurred and then repair the concrete.
  • Deteriorated Concrete: In situations where concrete is beyond any repair, the full structural element (with or without the replacement of steel rebars) is replaced. An example is “a weather damaged cantilevered balcony slab”.
  • Foundation repair: stabilization of foundation/slab by grouting the underlying strata.  While foundation crack repair seems to be the “title” of the job, thorough foundation and soil mechanics analyses are needed to prevent problem return once solution is offered.
  • Delaminated and cracked masonry: Map the affected area, evaluate the delamination conditions, evaluate the substrate and prescribe treatment including anchoring back to the substrate.
  • Deteriorated Joint Material and joint nosing: Remove or cut out the damaged joint, clean & prime the existing joint and restore to its original configuration including installation of new backer rod and sealant.
  • Charred wood elements: A common problem in roof  repairs. Clean, splice, sister fire damaged elements. Code update elements where grandfathering is not allowed by code.
  • Damaged or under-designed elements: Use proper shoring including hydraulic jacking, remove, replace, or strengthen the damaged element.

At Universal Engineering , structural repairs are based on the repair approach recommended during inspection and/or damage assessment phase. We employ a strict quality assurance and quality control in concrete crack repair project to achieve structural integrity and excellent customer satisfaction. We strive to utilize the company’s capabilities to maximize the following client’s key benefits.

  • Highly qualified and experienced licensed professionals and technical staff.
  • Bottom line cost effective solutions by offering preventative maintenance and restoration rather than expensive demolition and replacement.
  • Maintenance of expansion joints, control joints, and watertight facility all are factors to increase the service life of structure.
  • Foundation crack repair
  • Concrete crack repair
  • Seawall repair
  • Roof repairs based on a sound wind load calculation.
  • Construction administration and quality assurance and quality control.
  • Prompt and effective staff accessibility.Contact us for a free consultation and an appointment.

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