What is Foundation ?

Opened laptop and stack of project drawings. Rolled papers. Working place. White screen
Opened laptop and stack of project drawings. Rolled papers. Working place. White screen
Opened laptop and stack of project drawings. Rolled papers. Working place. White screen

Foundation Common Problems

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Foundation systems are designed and built to function throughout the life expectancy of a structure. Exposure to adverse soil conditions (e.g., sinkhole presence) can result in unstable foundation causing downward movement (building settlement) or lateral movement (foundation bowing).  Concrete foundation settlement exhibits diagonal stair step cracks and vertically sheared wall blocks.  Bowing foundation exhibits long horizontal foundation crack extending from near one end of the wall to near the other end of the wall.  The crack ends in diagonal stair step cracks leading to the top or to the bottom of the wall.  Foundation (footing) problems should be treated promptly before the damage leads to irreversible failure. Our services are initiated by foundation inspection based on years of experience followed by the proper remedies.

Foundation Common remedies

A typical foundation repair due to settlement is to install a series of steel underpinning piers below the affected footing area. The installation involves the pushing and turning of anchors into the stable (or stabilized) subsoil until the required bearing capacity is reached. Adjustable brackets are then attached to the foundation of a jacked up structure, and then secured to the anchors while lowering the structure slowly to allow for load shifting to the anchor. This remedy creates a nonhomogeneous soil reaction to foundation system increasing the future risk of uneven building settlement. At Universal Engineering, we have the expertise and experience to assess the risk and recommend a cost effective solution ranging between a minor foundation crack repair to a major building settlement solution.  View our typical repair recommendations.

 Foundation bowing walls can be repaired by Installation of a series vertical strut or I-beams, wall anchors, dead-man anchors, and or carbon strips. Because each type of insertion has its pros and cons for a given situation, a specialized engineer knows how to optimize the selection of one method over another for a given situation. At Universal Engineering, we are equipped with the knowledge and past work experience to determine the most appropriate remediation method based on a visual observation and analysis of the failed wall. View our typical repair recommendations.

At Universal Engineering, we have experts in soil mechanics, soil structures, and foundation design (view past projects). Our design proceeds in the following steps:

  • Collect or calculate the structure loading data
  • Investigate and determine soil characteristics.
  • Based on (1) and (2) Select foundation system and/or identify best remedy.
  • Based on (3) Perform design and analysis and provide cost effective solution.

Recognizing the critical and urgent nature of foundation design and repairs, we constantly update our toolbox with the most up to date leading edge design software technology and apply the state of the art techniques in foundation design, foundation inspection and foundation repair. We strive to utilize the company’s capabilities to maximize the following client’s key benefits.

  • A sound procedures performed by certified and experienced Florida structural engineers and supported by technical personnel
  • Foundation engineers with strong design and foundation repair expertise of all foundation types.
  • Accurate field data, detailed analysis, and cost effective long term solutions.
  • Drawings and reports for permitting and for other client’s purposes.

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