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We provide general, special and threshold inspection during construction, post construction, as well as for real estate pre sale and pre purchase. Our building inspection services include all aspect of building structural components and are typically performed by a highly trained structural engineer. We are familiar with the local municipality requirements in the cities and counties of South Florida. We prepare inspection reports, signed and sealed drawings for repairs, and we coordinate with the local building department as inspectors to meet the client´s requirements for Florida building code approval. View sample report.

Real estate pre purchase structural inspection

For most people, the purchase or the sale of a home represents the largest single financial investment of a lifetime. Buying or selling a home with a structural defect can be costly and in some cases can cause financial devastation. Unfortunately most structural defects have only subtle symptoms and cannot be detected (and more importantly cannot be assessed) by a layman who is not an Engineer. So, structural inspection is necessary to overcome the defect whether it is a foundation inspection, roof inspection or any other element in between.  For example, a buyer may not recognize a roof main girder with termite damage that, given its structural function and position, needs $10,500 worth of roof repairs. Another example: a seller may deem water damage as significant structural defects and mistakenly adjust down the sale price by too much where this damage may be limited “structurally”. Only a Licensed Professional Engineer or a Registered Architect can assess structural sufficiency/deficiency of such defects. While a non engineer inspector can describe the visible water damage, an engineer can perform proper a water damage assessment to evaluate the its extent on the structure.

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Foreclosed homes Inspection

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Foreclosed homes have been on the rise. While the resale of these homes must disclose all defects to the buyers, the disclosure statement will unlikely contain significant information simply because the bank never lived in those homes. In such situations, it is particularly important to understand the true conditions of the home. Only a Licensed Professional Engineer or a Registered Architect can assess the true structural conditions of the home.

Threshold Inspection

It is one of the building inspection services that we offer at Universal Engineering.  According to Florida Statutes, Threshold Building is defined as any building which is greater than 3 stories or 50 feet in height or which has an assembly classification that exceeds 5,000 square feet in area and an occupant content of 500 people or greater. Florida Building Code states “the enforcing agency shall require a special inspector to perform structural inspections on threshold buildings pursuant to a structural inspection plan prepared by the engineer or architect of record”. Our certified threshold inspectors have extensive experience with inspection of threshold buildings throughout South Florida.View some of past projects At Universal Engineering, our structural building inspector will inspect one or more of these elements: footing system, pile system, on ground and elevated slabs, walls, columns, piers, shoring elements, bracing elements, tie beams, structural steel, roof structure and attic. If there is any evidence of deterioration, movement, deformation, cracks, settlement or other problems, structural analysis will be conducted to assess the significance of such observations. We pursue the following inspection procedures as needed:

  • Collect on-site data and information (the site inspection).
  • Perform any necessary research and collect any necessary off site data and information.
  • Conduct all necessary structural analysis and calculations.
  • Recommend additional testing.
  • Determine a repair approach.View our typical repair recommendations
  • Prepare signed and sealed drawings for the building department.
  • Perform cost analysis and provide cost estimation.

Our top priority is to constantly achieve integrity and excellence in customer satisfaction. We strive to utilize the company’scapabilities to maximize the following key benefits.

  • A sound inspection procedures performed by certified and experienced professionals and supported by technical personnel
  • Cost effective solutions on time and at budget.
  • One stop shop experience from data collection, analysis, reporting, and permit package preparation to construction administration and/or general contracting.
  • Prompt and effective staff accessibility.
  • Effective foundation inspection services.
  • Effective roof inspection services.

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