Buying and selling a house in today´s market has never been more difficult.

Homeowners desiring a bigger living space find it easier to add or alter their existing home than to move to a new one (home additions cost is typically lower). Because home additions and home alterations have been on the rise.  Universal Engineering has tasked a team of design and project management professionals (turnkey team) to provide a one stop shop experience for our clients from concept to completion. Whether it is a simple room or a complex upper floor addition or building alterations, the expansion possibilities go very far thanks to our knowledgeable, creative, qualified, and licensed professionals. (view past projects)

steeplejacks on a concrete wall of a under construction house

At Universal Engineering, our turnkey department employs a rigorous program that starts with the concept and ends with the certificate of occupancy according to the following procedures:

  • Our design professionals work closely with the client to achieve the desired space and aesthetic plans.
  • Our structural engineering experts work closely with the design professionals to assure feasible and sound implementation of the desired design.
  • Whenever needed, we engage Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Engineers.
  • Construction documents (and structural design calculations report if applicable) are prepared, signed and sealed.
  • Construction Cost (home additions cost) is prepared
  • Construction Administration (CA) is offered for homeowners desiring to be owner builders. CA provides inspection of all trades (e.g., foundation inspection, roof inspection, ..etc.) during the course of construction and assures a sound implementation of the construction documents during all construction phases. Under CA agreement, the homeowner enjoys free consultations throughout the course of construction. With this service, the homeowner will have full control over the project finances and full flexibility to make changes during construction.
  • General Contracting service is offered to provide a worry free turnkey experience to the homeowners. This service takes full responsibility of the home additions (or building alterations) from concept to completion.
house plans

We understand the investment the homeowner makes in building an addition. With our integrated team of professionals and technical personnel, we strive to maintain the firm´s capabilities to deliver exceptional client experience through smooth, flexible, and cost effective solutions and to achieve the highest return on the client´s investment.

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