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New York Engineering 

structural engineeringUniversal Engineering started its journey in 2001 with Dr. A. Ali. The firm offers affordable engineering solutions in New York as well as over twenty four states in USA. The firm’s reputation lies in providing engineering solutions that are not of common nature as well as cost-effective. We select engineers who are highly trained and qualified and thus our clients have best engineer minds for their project. We have multistate professional engineer (PE) licenses capable to offer broad range of engineering solutions and helping clients with multiple state projects. We are one-stop shop for any engineering requirement of our clients. Since, Universal Engineering started its journey the firm has been continuously delivering effective solutions and projects and thus emerged as leader in engineering excellence and technical innovation. We provide unbeatable customer service and it’s the company mission to be customer-orientated engineering firm and provide best and cost-effective engineering solutions.

Clients have best professional engineer for each project. The wide variety of engineering services available with us is provided by experienced and capable engineers only. As many of our engineers are prominent award winners they also have long-term experience in respective engineering fields has constantly been offering valuable service to private and public sector clients. We deliver engineering solutions with cutting-edge technology at unbeatable rates.

Universal Engineering has New York structural engineering, New York Statistical Engineer division and the division is at its heart. Developers, architects and private entities all over world are long list of our clients under this engineering segment. Highest work standard is ensured as a structural engineer follows strict protocol. Random auditing and peer review of office work including analysis, calculations and detailing are done for precise and accurate solutions. The mission of Universal Engineering is to provide 100% client satisfaction, shared by our engineers also. Putting clients on the center of everything is a culture of this firm. Whether the job is small or big, engineers are involved in the project from initial site visit till the completion of the project.

Another engineering segment, statistical engineering also have best expert who are equally conversant in and have spectrum of experience in in developing and applying statistical models to engineering data and engineering systems. Qualified, experienced, professional and best statistical engineer of New York are hired. These knowledgeable engineers have an impressive record of time series forecasting models for hydrologic and ecosystems, frequency analysis of hydrologic data, risk assessment analysis, stochastic generators as well as other numerous data mining studies. On the other hand the system optimization experts are well-informed in simple linear programing, non-linear programing, dynamic programming and heuristic programming.

A civil engineer at Universal Engineering is also equally qualified, trained and professional like other engineers enabling to provide different solutions to different engineering problems related to general and specific areas of the field including analysis, system characterization, modeling and optimization of engineering systems to support project design, planning, management and operations for water supply, environmental and flood control problems.

Consulting engineer is another title where qualified, experienced and well-trained engineers are available for our clients. Using state of the art engineering solutions within the budget engineers ensure clients have full value of the money spent.

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